• NolaPapa’s Top 5 Ways to STAY SANE During the Holidays

    When you feel the time is right, uncover yourself from that cold blanket of snow and rise. Warm up. And realize you are here for a purpose. That purpose may be your dog or your parents, but for me, it’s my family.
    They pull me out of my funks.
    But they can also put me back in them!
    That is why NUMBER TWO is so damn important.
  • I Doubt That

    That pain is still there in my heart. But the difference today is I know I am control with how that memory makes me feel…”
  • Life is so much More than just a Blog.

    In my writings, I have always said that each of our paths are connected more than anyone may realize. But the truth is, we ALL  have hopes. We eac...
  • A guilt’s goodbye

    “…I cannot help but replay those fast minutes as we tried to make our way to the next stop for our family 5.
    He hopped his little paws on the side of the kennel  with his ears raised at attention wondering where his papa was going…”

    That image will live with me forever. I know that.
    But I also know as a dad of 3, decisions like this are never easy.
    And the ones that act like it is, have not a clue.

  • Highchair, Bye Chair

    “To you, this may look like the normal night before trash day. A definite score for any passerby, that’s for sure. But this isn’t about tidying up before trash day or a sidewalk score.